Meet Mestre Arenz, The World-Class Tekken Player From Malaysia

As the saying goes in the fighting games community: “We esports now!”. One of the best Tekken players in Malaysia, Ahmad “Mestre Arenz” Zaharin is now part of Team Flash Vision, home of some of the best Street Fighter V players in Malaysia. This marks the team’s first player outside of SFV.

Arenz is a seasoned veteran of the game, having started out from Tekken 1 was released back in 1994 and continues to play at a competitive level. His recent success includes reaching second of the South East Asia qualifiers for Bandai Namco’s official tournament circuit- aptly named The King Of Iron Fist Tournament, and made his way to the final top 32 world finals in 2016. His past achievements include winner of WCG Malaysia 2011 and finishing 3rd in WCG Asia 2011.

His run in the South East Asia Majors, which we covered last year, was certainly impressive. Maining Josie (though he used to play a capoiera character like Eddy Gordo), he put up a good fight against Indonesia’s Meat before settling for second place in the grand finals.

Here is Arenz at the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 World Finals:

The Kulim, Kedah native started his passion for Tekken when he moved to the Klang Valley for studies and discovered the arcade scene. The folks at Team Flash Vision offer this statement about their new sponsored player:

“Starting from Tekken 1, Arenz have played it all. Was he good at it? Some might say he’s little bit better than average back then, at some days he got good beating from the regulars at the arcade going home with a losing streak, demotivated. But here’s the quality about Arenz, his persistence and not giving up at what he loves makes him who he is today.

For every defeat, Arenz come back with twice the improvement and slowly climbing up to one of the top players back then. Sometimes passion is what fueled his determination and like everything else in life, he persisted and work hard for what he loves brought him to the limelight today and finally chasing the dream of professional esports athlete.

With the recent sponsorship he has gotten, Arenz will now have to work twice the amount of hard work he had ever put in to be the very top in the world.”

Under Team Flash Vision, his new tag as displayed in tournaments will be Armaggeddon.FV Arenz.

eGG Network, the 24-hour gaming and esports channel, also announced that they are now a proud sponsor of Team Flash Vision.

Hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. We wish the best of luck for Arenz and the local Tekken and fighting game community in their effort to make a bigger mark on the world stage.

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