Medieval Monarch Sim/Grand Strategy Game Crusader Kings III Will Be Out This September

Is it good to be king? You decide in Crusader Kings III, the sequel to Paradox’s grand strategy game set in the Medieval era.

You play as a member of a royal dynasty, and from there, you can do what medieval royalty would do- get more land (by diplomacy, war, or marriage), plot schemes, and make sure to have an heir before you die.

Crusader Kings III continues to expand on what makes the series great- embracing characters that can develop and die, with some many variables to play with.

While the series initially covered Europe, Crusader Kings III will let you play as a noble house outside of the continent from the get-go. This includes the Scandinavian regions, India, the caliphate in the middle east, and Central Africa. Quite the big map.

CK III also has 3D models now instead of 2D portraits for the characters. You can also be a person of faith or embrace heresy and forming your own religion if you want to now as well.

There’s ample room for crazy stories and anecdotes to happen. But CK III is still rooted in medieval history. So expect historical events, including Viking raids and the emergence of Holy Orders, to appear still.

Crusader Kings III will be out on September 1st for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass For PC on launch.


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