Mecha Action Game Nimbus Infinity Releasing This Month

Nimbus Infinity, the sequel to indie mecha action game Project Nimbus by Japanese publisher GameTomo, will leave Early Access and launch in full later this June.

The high-speed action mecha game is set in a war-torn Earth in the future, where you pilot Battle Frames- the mechas in this world. The Battle Frames are customisable.

Developed by Thailand-based studio GameCrafterTeam, Nimbus Infinity has been in Early Access for more than a year. The full release will incorporate gameplay and story improvements based on player feedback, new content, new missions and more bosses.

Nimbus Infinity joins a growing list of mecha games releasing this year, which includes the reborn of Hawken now in Early Access, and the return of Armored Core with Armored Core VI.

Nimbus Infinity will launch in full on June 22 for PC (Steam).

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