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MDEC, Ministry of Communications And Multimedia Committed To Addressing Problems In Games Industry


Minister of Communications and Multimedia YB Tuan Gobind Singh said despite being on new ground, his ministry would work to build up the game development industry in Malaysia in a press conference in KL on Friday.

The minister was attending a press conference on the local game development scene in Malaysia, where several reporters brought up important issues plaguing the games industry such as crunch culture.

“I can give you our assurance that we will look into those matters as they [are] involved with us” he said.

MDEC CEO Ms Surina Shukri added on that MDEC had already been taking steps towards addressing the issues, citing the “Healthy Gaming” campaign.

“From an intention standpoint, it’s on our minds”, she said.

She also made reference to an earlier statement by founder of studio Metronomik Wan Hazmer regarding specifically the issue of crunch culture.

“Wan Hazmer said as a policy matter at his company they really try to embrace that work/life balance”, she said.

YB Gobind Singh admitted that there was still a learning curve to overcome for his ministry, due to the increase in government interest in the games industry.

“This is a learning curve for us, as we all know this is a new industry and we are looking at it from a very practical point of view,” he said.

Crunch culture in the games industry has been a widely discussed topic among pundits, with many aiming to dispel the stigma that overworking is a badge of honor.




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