May’s PS Plus Essentials Game Will Get Your Heart Racing

It’s going to be May once again and PlayStation has revealed the three free games that all active PS Plus subscribers will be getting on the 2nd day of the month.

On the spotter radar is last year’s underrated racer, GRID Legends. The first racing title for Codemasters under the EA Banner which sees the simcade title get more ambitious with their Breaking Point style story mode and much better handling than their 2019 counterpart. You can read our review here.

Then we also have chaos brawler, Chivalry 2. Nothing else should be said except how fun it is throwing chickens around and yelling “For the KING” in the most teenage nasal voice ever. We also have a review for it as well.

And last on the list is Descender, an amazing indie title that brings the unmatched sense of speed you get from riding a mountain bike down a steep hill, now in virtual form.

All of these games will be available to download starting May 2 and will last until June 6.

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