May The 4th Be With You: Get Star Wars Games With Huge Discounts On Steam

It’s the time of the year again. To commemorate the fan-coined Star Wars Day (due to the pun), Star Wars games are all heavily discounted on Steam.

Up to 75% off from a huge range of games, including the original Star Wars Battlefront II, team-based FPS Star Wars Republic Commando, the critically acclaimed RPG Knights Of The Old Republic (and its sequel), the Jedi Knight series, both Forced Unleashead games, the classic pilot sims X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and the older Lego Star Wars games.

That’s a long list. It’s 24 games in total. You can check out the whole bundle here.

All of these games cost less than RM10 seperately, so if you’re looking to grab some classic Star Wars games, this is the right time. The deal lasts until May 9th.

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