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More needs to be done to expose local viewers to local game streamers, says Maxhaze


Is getting local viewers to notice local gaming entertainers a problem? Our featured player of the week, Mohd Hazeeq “maxhaze” certainly thinks so.

Describing himself as “mostly a casual-type gamer”, Hazeeq plays a variety of both multiplayer and single player type games, with a supporting role in the former and being immersed in RPG type games for the latter. As a budding entertaining gamer, Hazeeq is currently focused on doing Facebook content – specifically Facebook lives on his Facebook page at @maxhazePlays.

Hazeeq intently playing Street Fighter

“I got started in gaming very young,” he says, echoing the view of all our previous interviewed gamers. “I started by playing at my cousin’s house and proceeded to Cyber Cafes, which then led to my own personal PC.” Describing his current streaming endeavours, Hazeeq tells us, “I recently started streaming to spread the fun of certain game titles that either people have forgotten, or never really discovered. It’s also to share (these games) to those who don’t really have the time to play – so I would love to share the experience with them via streaming.”

A screencapture from one of Hazeeq’s livestreams – here shown showcasing Final Fantasy XIV

However, as a Malaysian entertainer, Hazeeq feels that getting more local viewers appears to be a slight uphill challenge. “The current problem I’m having is getting more local viewers, as I believe we need to spread (our influence) locally before going global,” he relates. “Getting the support of locals could provide a very good platform to build on.” When asked why he considers this difficult to do, Hazeeq suggests that it isn’t because local viewers aren’t very supportive of local streamers – but rather, that there is no single widely-known medium for gaming streamers in Malaysia to share their streams or to get local viewers to notice.

“In my opinion, local viewers sometimes don’t know that there are local streamers or what time / where local streamers go live,” he says. “We need to find a way to spread streams or videos to more local viewers.”

(Editor’s note: Fundeavour’s working on it – we just need more of you viewers to pop on over! We’re a great place to come over and discover local talent if you want to watch streamers like maxhaze. 🙂)

Hazeeq attending the Street Fighter event at GameStart 2016 in Singapore recently

If this is solved, Hazeeq would certainly be one step closer to his dream of becoming an entertainer. As he admits, “It would be fantastic to have a decent following in the future where I can broadcast and showcase certain games to viewers. I do believe the gaming industry has reached the time where gaming can be a potential career, not just for professional players for tournaments but for content providers as well.”

But first, to be a good entertainer, Hazeeq believes that several things are necessary. “I would try to show myself having fun playing the game that I am streaming as well as communicate with the viewers,” he says. “Don’t ignore the viewers, respond to as many chat messages as possible during live streaming. Laugh, smile and just be yourself, and that should suffice.”

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He points out that viewers that are watching would like to know what is going on in the game, even though there might not be many currently watching you, or if nobody is chatting. “You as a streamer should just keep on talking about the game or just about anything, to get things started,” he advises.

Hazeeq with Yoshinori Ono, Capcom game producer and producer for Street Fighter IV

The other important consideration when creating your own stream is, of course, having a decent setup. Hazeeq admits that he has had to get his own funding to do this, and that one would need to probably either do a part time job, or get a full time job to get started on the first high-quality rig. “Starting is always the difficult part,” he notes. “Any future upgrades may depend on how well the stream is doing.”

We wish Hazeeq all the best, and look forward to catching his streams in the future!


Hazeeq can be found at


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