Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Horrible Animations But Lovely Environments

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170324170625

As many have known, Mass Effect: Andromeda is receiving mixed reception, and mostly negative ones if you frequent social media. All those horrid animations and uncanny facial features are unfortunately true.

For a AAA game in 2017 those janky animations don’t fly anymore, especially from a studio that has the resources to not let this happen. It’s unfortunate, because all the conversation around Bioware’s highly anticipated sequel to the RPG/third-person shooter series has now revolve around that.

But the graphics are not entirely garbage. Andromeda runs on the Frostbite engine, EA’s proprietary tech that powers all their games. Battlefield 1 and Star Wars Battlefront looked amazing and run amazingly on that engine, and even Bioware’s last game Dragon Age: Inquisition looks fine when it comes to the environment.

And the new Andromeda galaxy looks amazing. The first ten hours you will be exploring two different environments that really sells the harsh frontier of exploring new worlds. The first world is filled with floating rocks and thunderstorms, while the planet of Eos is a lush desert with enough cliffs and features that make of some beautiful screenshots. Plus, the weather effects and anomalies looks cool too.

Here’s some shots of the world of Andromeda, taken from a regular PS4.

We are still working on a review, stay tuned for our final verdict on Mass Effect: Andromeda soon.

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