Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Teased, More News This Fall

We were right on the money when we were expecting Mass Effect Andromeda in the EA Play press event. But what we got isn’t as substantial we would hoped for.

While the new trailer shown today offers tons of new footage, but when the footage is being spliced with videos of devs working hard on making the game, it clearly is a sign that Mass Effect Andromeda is still has a long way to go in development and not ready for release anytime soon.

But if you’re curious to see some hints of new gameplay, including the new ship that will probably the game’s Normandy, an Asari, a vehicle reminiscent of the Mako, and what seems to be the female protagonist, here you go:

As mentioned, there is no release date attached to Mass Effect Andromeda, though it was teased that more news will be coming this fall (starting in September). At the moment, don’t expect Mass Effect Andromeda to be hitting stores this year.

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