Marvel’s Avengers Ends Live Service Support This March, Will Be Delisted In September

The inevitable is happening. Developer Crystal Dynamics announced that Update 2.8 for Marvel’s Avengers will be its last. This will be released on March 31 2023.

The developers will then drop all support for the game on September 30 2023, when the game will be delisted from digital stores.

The super-hero-based action game with loot mechanics will still allow owners of the game to experience the single-player and multiplayer experience.

With Update 2.8, all of the cosmetic content from the Marketplace (which requires premium purchases), Challenge Card and Shipment will be made free for all players. That includes all the outfits, takedown animations, emotes and nameplates.

Update 2.8 will disable the Marketplace, and will change all Credit balances into in-game resources.

After September 30, Marvel’s Avengers will be delisted from digital stores, but should you have a physical copy, you can still play the game. Though there’s no guarantee how long the multiplayer servers will remain in operation.

That said, Spider-Man will remain a PlayStation-exclusive hero, for some reason.

This is another Square Enix-published game with a live service attached to be discontinued after Babylon’s Fall and, surprisingly, Chocobo GP. Avengers was supported for two and half years since its first release in 2020, adding new heroes and cosmetics.

Crystal Dynamics previously was a Square Enix subsidiary but has now been acquired under the Embracer Group alongside Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal (which was renamed Onoma and closed down shortly after).

If you want to check out Marvel’s Avengers in its full, time is now ticking. The game, for now, is available on the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One, and is available on PlayStation Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: Marvel’s Avengers

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