Marvel VS. Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Trailer 2 Released

The second gameplay trailer of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite had been revealed. A few characters also being confirmed, including Chun Li, Hulk, Thor, Strider Hiryu, Hawkeye, Chris Redfield, and of course one of the main antagonist, Ultron.

The trailer demonstrated a few combo moves can be performed for each character, and also their Super/Hyper moves as well. New character like Ultron, can summon his minion bots as one of his special move (similar like Sentinel in MvC 3).

One of the main talking points for this trailer is the Infinity Stones. This time, we got the Space Infinity Stone. This Infinity Stone has the power to trap opponent inside a vortex, unable to move across the screen. Like in the trailer, Ultron trapped Hawkeye inside the vortex and perform combo moves and end him with his Hyper Move.

Last but not least, two stages were revealed. Both were inside the Avengers Tower and Asgard Throne Room. As being revealed in the Story Trailer, Asgard Throne Room looked quite stunning in the background and the throne seat shined brightly during the fight.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be available September 19th, 2017, and the Deluxe Edition includes 6 DLC Characters and 6 Premium Costumes, featuring X’s main villain, Sigma.

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