Marduk, Julia And Armor King Revealed As Remaining DLC Characters For Tekken 7 Season Pass 2

The old favourites arrived!

At the Tekken World Tour Finals, the three remaining characters for the Season 2 Pass of Tekken 7 has been revealed. The first two characters, Lei and Anna Williams, are out now, while we only see a glimpse of Negan from The Walking Dead.

The three remaining characters are all fan favourites from past games. Julia Chang (and no, not Jaycee), Craig Marduk and Armor King will make their return. Craig and Armor King, the two hard-hitters, are out now.

At the end of the Armor King reveal is a tease for Julia, now looking spunkier than ever and is also a streamer.

The crowd of top Tekken players also can’t contain the excitement, with two of them hugging series producer Katsuhiro Harada on stage, thanking that their mains are now in the game.

Here’s a clip from the event stream with all the reveals. Negan has some gameplay shown, including a new stage and an elaborate cinematic referencing The Walking Dead but with Tekken characters.

Each character from the Season 2 Pass can be purchased standalone for RM20. The Season 2 Pass is RM89. The price is the same on both PS Store Asia and Steam.

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