Malaysia’s Mushi To Lead New Mineski Dota 2 Team

Mineski is known to have field mostly players from the Philippines, its main region, for their main Dota 2 roster. But today marks a change with this direction as they signed former Fnatic player Mushi to take the charge of a completely new roster.

Mushi was part of Fnatic in their incredible 4th place finish in last year’s The International, but ever since that the roster struggled to find a rhythm, which led to Mushi to bow out. This marks the end of an era for Fnatic, as only Ohaiyo is left in the original roster, with the rest seeking better pastures.

The new team roster for Mineski will be revealed in the coming weeks. As for now we know that Mushi will be directly involved with the selection.

I’m greatly honored to become the team captain for Mineski-Dota,” said Mushi. “After leaving Fnatic team, I received a call from Kenchi (Mineski Malaysia’s CEO).

“He is one of the most respectable persons in the e-sports industry and is not just a friend of mine, but a mentor and brother to me. We both share the same vision for esports and with his sincerity, he managed to convince me to play under the wings of Mineski-Dota.

“Hence, we decided to work together to reform and put together a world class team.

Mineski has a few sister teams, including Mineski-X which has featured some Malaysians over the years. The move to make the main roster fielding international players rather than just Filipinos is an interesting one.

Let’s hope the new venture will provide a fresh start for the local star to bounce back. The troublesome performance of Fnatic post-The International is heart-breaking to see, but it looks like he still has more time for a comeback.

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