Malaysia’s Lemon Sky Studios Contributed On Final Fantasy VII Remake And Resident Evil Resistance

Have you’ve been playing the big game releases of this month? If you do, you might have experienced the handy work of the talented people at Lemon Sky Studios.

The Malaysia-based art and animation studio has been contributing in many big AAA games of the late. And now they can reveal that they have contributed on two major games that has just been released: Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil Resistance.

For Final Fantasy VII Remake, Lemon Sky is involved in 3D asset creation. (We have our review on that here)

For Resident Evil Resistance, the team contributed 3D assets, in the forms of characters and environment. Resident Evil Resistance is the multiplayer component of the Resident Evil 3 remake. (Review of that here)

Lemon Sky has worked with both Square Enix and Capcom prior to the two recent games. They have contributed on Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers for Square Enix. For Capcom, they have worked on the mobile card game Teppen and Dead Rising 4.

Lemon Sky Studios were also involved in contributing assets to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in the past.

You can expect more games that has a slight Malaysian touch to them thanks to these folks. One of which is the upcoming Command & Conquer remaster.

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