Malaysian Player ARENZ Took 2nd Place In Tekken 7 King Of Iron Fist Tournament SEA Qualifiers

The South East Asia Majors plays host to the many fighting game tournaments, happening inside GameStart Asia in Singapore this weekend. Among them is the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2016 qualifiers. As the name implies, the game here is Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, the current arcade version.

The tournament is restricted to players from Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, with the winner getting qualified to the main event later this year. The Philippines and Thailand have their own separate tournament qualifiers. The Malaysians that entered had some good runs, with four players reaching the top 16: ARENZ, Ruz.Rd, BALANCE/PAKCHOY and shinato malaysia.

ARENZ was definitely on a role, after knocking Ruz.Rd down to losers only to face shinato. malaysia afterwards. ARENZ’s run on the winner’s bracket was cut short however, after losing to Meat of Indonesia. This did not stop his run however as he was able to emerge as winner of the losers’ finals, taking down three other players on the way.

The Grand Finals was another rematch against Meat and ARENZ. Meat had to change characters halfway through the match from King to Bryan Fury as ARENZ’s Josie has been causing him problems. It didn’t lead to a bracket reset however, as the game goes 3-2 in favour of Meat, thus handing him the winner of The King Of Iron Fist Tournament qualifiers for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Meat of Indonesia, rocking that sweet batik shirt, will be getting a ticket to the main event in Japan this December for winning the qualifiers.

Congratulations to all the local boys doing work out there. While it would be sweeter news if we won, but getting a respectable 2nd place finish and having placements in the top 16 is still something to be proud of. ARENZ will be walking away with a new PS4 for his efforts securing 2nd.

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