e-Malaysian Championship Series Created, Winner Gets Race Seat Sponsored By Sepang Circuit

Will you be the next Jazman Jaafar or Mitchell Cheah?

Bidding eSports racers wanting to showcase their talent on-screen and in real life may want to keep an eye on this one. As the Malaysian Championship Series, one of the official Touring Cars series racing here, has created an season long eSport competition in conjunction with the IRL season. One interesting fact is the main prize, the top three in the overall championship will duel for a race seat in the MCS 2019, under sponsorship of Sepang Circut.


The game that the series will be using is Sector3’s RaceRoom Experience, which to the author’s understanding, is the only game series that has fully licensed Touring Cars. So the authenticity of the cars is there.

So, how do you enter this competition, you say? Well you can enter the 2nd round of Qualifying heats at The Rift,Mid Valley as the first round of qualifiers has completed two days ago (at time of writing) and the Top 20 race will commenced this weekend as with the IRL series.

It looks to be quite an interesting esport competition this one. But what do you guys think? let us know in the comments below!

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