Make Your Sonic OCs Canon- Create Your Own Third Character For Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces is Sonic Team’s latest attempt to get the blue blur on track again. This time, Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic is teaming up with another new character to save the world in ruin, and that character is free for you to create.

The Sonic fandom has created various Sonic OC (original characters), basically fan-created characters that would fit in the Sonic world. (Also note: there is one “fan game” that has explored a custom Sonic character creation)

Having the third character be a custom, player-created one should surely satisfy some fans, and from the trailer, it looks like you have plenty of options for customisation.

The third character will also bring different gameplay to complement Classic Sonic’s 2D platforming and Modern Sonic’s blazing fast 3D sections. Check out the trailer here:

Sonic Forces is set to be released this holiday season for PS4, PC, Switch and Xbox One.

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