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Make Lunchboxes And Bond Together When You Play Inbento


In life, eating a home-cooked meal made by our parents is the best experience when you start to live alone and then bringing home something your mother made as you head back to your own place to eat it later on is, I feel, their way to convey love.

Which this game nicely represents that feeling within it’s trailer. So let me introduce you to Inbento.

Made by Afterburn, a 4 person team in Poland, Inbento blends Japanese aesthetics and bento cuisine into this very calming puzzler where you play as a mother cat creating bentos for her kids as the cooking (aka puzzles) gets trickier.

A Simple premise with a pleasing art-style really suits the game and I can’t wait to try it out.

The game is out sometime today on iOS and Android for 2.99 USD (12 Ringgit for us locals).