Magic Duels Is Getting Another Update: Kaladesh

Magic: The Gathering is getting a new expansion with a new theme. The last two, Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldricth Moon, focused more on horror themes while the latest to just hit the stores, Kaladesh, has a science focus in a magical setting, taking place during an event called the Inventor’s Fair in the world of Kaladesh. The new cards from the set introduces vehicles that is a type of artifact card, new energy counters and a Fabricate ability in creature cards.

The card set will launch on September 30 at stores but it will hit Magic Duels, the free-to-play game version of Magic: The Gathering, will hit on 28th September. This will introduce 167 new cards into the game that already has about 1000 of them, more story missions and card sleeves. Magic Duels has been keeping up with the recent expansion releases and this is no exception. While not the most polished trading card video game in the market, it is the best way to get into Magic with the least monetary investment required. And Magic is still a pretty fun card game as long as you invest in a bit of time to learn it.

Magic Duels is available on PC via Steam, iOS and the Xbox One.

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