Mafia III Demo And First DLC Now Available

Hangar 13’s open-world crimefest Mafia III is having a bit more content to drop. Beginning today, you can now have access to the first of three planned DLC. Titled “Faster, Baby!”, it’s a standalone story of protagonist Lincoln Clay and his lieutenant Roxy Leveau in a new area, with a focus on vehicle chases and mayhem.

It’s RM48 on Steam and RM64 on the Playstaion Store. This DLC is included in the season pass.

Additionally, if you haven’t picked this up yet, you can download a demo. It lets you play the opening parts of the game, which will demonstrate a lot of the game’s strengths- great cinematics and story-telling with some bits of decent third-person shooting.

You can download the demo for PC on Steam as well as on PS4 here.

Mafia III may not made a strong impact as expected, one of writers opined how it could have been made better, but if you’re looking for something similar to GTA V, it should fit the bill.

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