Lost Region

Farom Studio announce about their project Lost Region.

Lost Region is a third person survival action game. Game is developing for the XBox One, PS 4 and Windows platforms.

Alpha version of the game will be shown on February 20th 2017.

Key Game Features:

– Large world to explore. You will be able to explore every building and visit any corner of the world with area over 64 sq/km, to loot supplies and

the necessary tools to survive.

– Ability to create clans together with your friend or to join to already existing. Bandit groups, research teams and mercenaries are trying to survive in new cruel world.

– Wide specter of buildings – from little house to huge base with other players and NPCs. Capture, protect, create, destroy. You cannot survive in this world being homeless.

– Choose your path: Bandit, Mechanic, Soldier or just an adventurer. Only you choose your destiny. Do all the best to survive in this world.

At 2013 we released Bad Day game for mobile platform iOS. At the moment of release Bad Day was popular on CIS territory. Right after Unreal Engine 4 release, we decided to move our game to new technology. But unfortunately one of our teammates left and our studio left without rights for Bad Day title. In order of many requests to social network mails we reviving the game, but from now under the Lost Region name. We are hope for understanding form Bad Day’s fans.

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