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Long-In-Development Game Nioh Will Have A Demo on April 26


Feudal Japan themed hack-and-slasher Nioh will finally see a light of day when it will be released sometime in 2016. Initially started production in 2004 and was supposedly a PS3-exclusive game, Ni-Oh had been long in development by developers Team Ninja, famous for the Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive series. The game is now retitled slightly (the hyphens are gone) and now a PS4-exclusive.

To mark the occasion, Nioh will release what it called an “Alpha Demo”. Basically, it should function like a demo (because demos are mostly replaced by beta tests). Why Alpha tests? Conventional knowledge would mean that it’s still an early build, but then again, such naming conventions can mean anything now.

That aside, the demo will be conducted from April 26 to May 5. It’s a short window, but if you’re looking for some experience that harkens you to memories of playing Onimusha or Ninja Gaiden then go try it out. Some sites are calling this as “Dark Souls in Feudal Japan”, so maybe expect a slower-paced hack-and-slash experience. Here’s a trailer of Nioh’s Alpha Demo.