Local Gamers Helping Out Japanese Quake Victims With “Gamers Give Back” Campaign

News of an 7 Richter scale earthquake struck in Kumamoto, Japan last month. One of the biggest since 2011, It has reported that thousands of homes are lost and several lives were lost after the incident. With the sad news hitting, some of our local gamers have banded together and form a campaign called “Gamers Give Back”.

Basically, it’s a charity drive to help the help the folks at Kumamoto. Since Japan has been influential to most gamers due to them having producing tons of classic games we still remember fondly and enjoy today, it is apt that we should help out in any way we can when they are in the time of need.

Money donated through the campaign will be sent to Move For Kyushu, a Non-Governement Organisation working directly with the relief activities in the Kyushu perfecture, which Kumamoto is a part of. For more details on how to help the cause, you may contact Mohd Wall via Facebook.

A great initiative that we all can get our heads together on. Gamers, especially those in the States, are known for their generosity with helping charities, such as the annual Extra Play. Hopefully those sort of good culture can be something ingrained among our side of the world as well.

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