Listen To Mxmtoon’s New Cover For Life Is Strange: True Colors Now

One of the best parts within the Life Is Strange series is perhaps the song choices that plays within the vignettes of the story. Like the famous “Obstacles” by Syd Matters from the first game or the Sufjan Stevens’ “Death With Dignity” from the Spin-off demo, Adventures of Captain Spirits.

So really, music and the series are intertwine with each other.

And when the newest game reveal showcase our main protagonist, Alex playing a rendition of Creep, it was quite fitting for both the series and her.

The song is performed by mxmtoon, an indie singer with millions of streams on the major social media sites and also a fan of the series as well. Quite a perfect match really.

Her rendition of “Creep” fits rather well with the nature of our main Alex, who looks to reconnect with her brother and feels rather out of place within the Haven Springs community.

The song is also available to stream in most music streaming services already.

As for Life Is Strange: True Colors. It will come out for all major consoles in September 12.

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