“Let Square Enix know you want a remastered Drakengard”- Yoko Taro

“If you give me the funds, I’ll do anything for money”, goes the eccentric director of NieR: Automata, Yoko Taro, during his PAX East Q&A panel with Square Enix. (Which you can watch in this link) This includes any DLC ,big or small, for the game after the PC release [ which isn’t available for us in Asia 🙁 ] and photo mode because the team doesn’t have any budget or manpower to do it.  Although with funds the latter might come with an update later on.

He also says that if they want a remastered Darkengard, the games that came before the NieR series, he asked fans to reach out to Square Enix if they want this to happen. But in a recent interview,  game producer Yusuke Saito said that if NieR: Automata “sells like hotcakes,” a remaster for the original NieR is possible. So maybe a remastered collection of all the Darkengard games follows suit, who knows?


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