Lenovo Finally Puts The Perfect Name For Its Gaming Line, Shares Interest In The Gaming Community

Lenovo Malaysia has officially launched the new Y520 and Y720 gaming laptops, and has also put a name for its Y series of gaming products. For so long Lenovo has put out decent hardware that could run top of the line games but at the fraction of other gaming brands, but they have now joined the party with what see as the perfect name: Legion.

What started from as a quote from the bible, the word Legion has been used for many things, including a rallying call for the Anonymous social group to a character in Mass Effect 2 that shares a mindhive from a collective of consciousness. The choice here is pretty much deliberate: one can see it as them acknowledging the many gamers and users who’ve used the product series without a proper banner until now. Other manufacturers use a different brand to highlight their gaming line, like Acer’s Predator or Asus’s Republic Of Gamers.

The newly released Y520 and Y720 laptops are the first to bear the legion brand.

But the name choice here is not just a playful dig, as Lenovo is keen on getting in touch with the broader gaming community under this brand. Again, this does relate to the Legion name again of having a shared mindset, as the company wish to work closely with the gaming community and gain better feedback for their products. In the media event we attended, Mr Khoo Hung Chuan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Malaysia and Singapore, Central Asia Pacific (pictured above) shared this interest as something they will be working on. The recent sponsorship of ESL One Genting and their ongoing League Of Champions tournament are part of this initiative, and with more announcements soon to follow.

When asked by a member of the media whether Lenovo would sponsor an e-sports team, the answer by Mr Khoo was simply “definitely”.

We will have to see in the future if Lenovo’s attempt to get more in touch in the gaming community bear fruit. This announcement should surely open up new opportunities for gamers here in Malaysia, and let’s hope it will be a mutually benefited relationship.

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