Lemmings-Esque Puzzler About Moving People Humanity Gets A Demo

Humanity is the puzzling new puzzler published by Enhance (of Tetris Effect and Rez fame) and developer Tha. As seen in the State Of Play February 2023 broadcast, a new demo is now available on PlayStation and PC, which should make the game less puzzling after a bit of a hands-on.

The demo gives you a taste of 11 levels to wrap around your head of the game. It’s essentially Lemmings. But you navigate a 3D space in a non-janky way. And you control a Shiba Inu that can soul jump to crowd-surf packs of people. And the crowd is so packed it’s like peak hour at an MRT station.

Not only that, the demo even includes a level editor which you can also share around. So you can actually make a level that is just an MRT station to simulate peak hour people traffic. No really, one of the tags available is “autoplay” levels where you can just bask in the glory that is the people moving physics.

The demo is available now on PS Store and Steam.

Humanity is coming to PS4, PS5 and PC in May 2023. It will also include optional PS VR and PS VR2 support.

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