Lei Fang And Hitomi Revealed For Dead Or Alive 6

Though it did leaked earlier

Dead Or Alive 6 has slowly revealed its character roster. At Evo 2018, two dudes were revealed- new character Diego and Rig, returning from his debut in Dead Or Alive 5.

For gamescom, we are getting two familiar ladies. Lei Fant the “T’ai Chi Ch’uan Prodigy” and Hitomi “The Fist Of innocence” were revealed, though silhouettes were teased and images have been leaked earlier on. But it’s now official.

Dead Or Alive 6 is focusing on the fighting rather than the sexy characters. The characters’ default costume reflect this. But that’s how default costumes in Dead Or Alive 5 used to be as well.

The gameplay video have the two ladies brawl on a danky pirate ship. Also a massive octopus can grab them throw down to the lower decks. So at least it’s still wacky.

Dead Or Alive 6 will be out next year on the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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