Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Will Feature DLCs, Expansion Pass Detailed

Love it or hate it, the trend of DLC continues and even Nintendo is doing it. For the first time in a Zelda game, the latest title in the series, Breath Of The Wild, will feature them. This comes in the form of an expansion pass priced at $19.99 USD (roughly RM89), which will deliver two chunks of DLC. Along with that, three in-game items will be unlocked via three different chests, one of them is a Nintendo Switch T-shirt.

The first content pack should arrive around summer (June-August) will include hard mode, a Cave of Trials challenge and, curiously, a new feature for the in-game map. The second one scheduled around the holiday season adds a new dungeon as well as a story expansion.

The expansion is available for both the Switch and WiiU versions of the game.

Judging from the responses on YouTube, the decision is not what fans look forward to, especially considering the content of the first pack which could have been included as a free update.

Like most paid DLCs, it’s better to wait it out and see if it’s worth throwing money right out of the gate, but kudos to Nintendo for being upfront on what will entail in the expansion  pass. It’s not the best of offers, honestly, so we will have to see if that new story bit is really worth paying for.


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