Legend Of Mana Remaster Will Be Getting A Physical Release In Asia

Square Enix announced that the upcoming remaster of Legend Of Mana will see a physical PS4 and Nintendo Switch release in Asia.

This physical edition will include a sticker set inspired by the original Legend Of Mana instruction booklet and download codes for two tracks from the Legend Of Mana remaster’s soundtrack. The exact tracks will be revealed soon.

The bonus goodies are not that consequential, but this should be good news for those that intend to collect a physical copy of the Legend Of Mana remaster.

Legend Of Mana, part of the Mana series that Square Enix has been remaking/remastering over the past recent years, has you exploring the world of Fa’Diel. You will have the ability to literally change the world with the Land Creation system, which will see different people and events appear based on your decision.

The HD remaster brings new higher resolution graphics- sharper 2D background artwork and redrawn UI, a new arrangement for the soundtrack (though you can toggle back the original score should you prefer that) and a better save system (autosave and a save-anywhere system).

The Legend Of Mana remaster also includes Ring Ring Land, a mini-game that was previously confined to the PS1’s PocketStation peripheral.

Legend Of Mana will be out on June 24 for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and June 25 for PC (Steam).

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