League Of Legends Tournament At Selangor Cyber Games Will Be Hosted By Local Celebrity Nabil Ahmad

The hype for this weekend’s Selangor Cyber Games is slowly rising. Garena just announced that the upcoming League Of Legends tournament, one of the 7 games being played at Selangor Cyber Games this weekend, will have an interesting twist as it will be hosted by local celebrity Nabil Ahmad. Otherwise known as Nabil Raja Lawak, this is the comedian’s first forray on hosting an e-sports event, though he has been around with as hosts on TV shows for a while now.

This is an interesting arrangement to see local celebrities getting into the e-sports scene. While most hosts for e-sports events, the ones now with eGG for example, have established a gaming background, having local celebrities that may or may not be as in the know on the gaming scene, or even the e-sports scene, can make for an interesting watch. Of course, the host mostly handles the pre-game and post-game action with interviews and hype building, so to those hardcore fans you should not worry about the shoutcasting or analyst desk quality with this announcement.

Plus, having established public figures interested in e-sports should help attract more people to the scene, and help grow by giving more exposure, which is always a good thing.

For more information on the League of Legends tournament, visit here. Alternatively, check out the first announcement post we did covering all the tournaments that are going to take place at the Selangor Cyber Games.

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