League Of Legends Celebrating Its 10-Year Anniversary With A Livestream Previewing The Future, And A New Logo

League Of Legends, the popular MOBA is almost 10 years old. And Riot Games will be celebrating the occasion with a special livestream.

This livestream will be the 10-year anniversary edition of the game’s dev blog Riot Pls. Alongside reminiscing some past League of Legends moments, Riot will be sharing a peek on what’s going to change in League during this year’s preseason. The stream will also give a peek on the next content update for Teamfight Tactics, Riot’s take on the currently booming autobattle/Auto-Chess-like.

The Riot Pls stream is scheduled to be live on October 16th at 9AM Malaysian Time (+8 GMT). You can catch them live or as VODs at the official League Of Legends YouTube channel. The stream will also be available in Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, and Traditional Chinese on this channel here.

Oh, and Riot is updating League Of Legends’ logo, as you can see on the top image. Expect to see the cleaner, but still regal, look to be used in the game and media pieces moving forward.

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