League Of Legends And Teamfight Tactics Relaunch in Southeast Asia With A Welcome Event

Starting today, League Of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will be published directly by Riot Games in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Vietnam.

This ends the 12-year partnership with Garena who previously published the two games on their own servers.

This change also means Riot is now self-publishing all five of its games (the other three are Valorant, League Of Legends: Wild Rift and Legends Of Runeterra) in the region.

“Riot’s goal with this migration is to provide Southeast Asian players with the best experience and the same level of in-game events and content as we do for players in other Riot regions,” said Alex Kraynov, Managing Director for Riot Games in APAC.

“League of Legends’ players will also enjoy deeper content integration within the Riot ecosystem, and exciting in-game and cross-franchise campaigns. It is important to us that players feel themselves as not just in the world of League, but in the overall Riot ecosystem.”

With this relaunch, Riot is hosting a Welcome Event for League starting January 13. Players can earn Tokens that can be exchanged for free permanent skin shards, legendary eggs, and Ultimate Skins.

All of the champions from 2009-2021 can be unlocked for free by completing in-game missions. This is a special offer only for SEA players.

As for TFT, the Riot servers will continue the Monsters Attack! Set 8 Rank content. Progress are not carried over, but purchase of the Monsters Attack Pass and earned rewards are migrated into the new servers. To compensate that, the Monsters Attack missions are adjusted with more experience earned so players can progress faster despite the shorten available time of the current content.

With this publisher change, Riot promises more offline events around the region.

Players who have yet to migrate their Garena account to a Riot account (and carry over progression and inventory along the way) can check out the tutorial and FAQ on the process here.

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