Latest Steam Client Beta Overhauls In-Game Overlay, Adds Note-Taking Feature And More

Steam, the ubiquitous PC games launcher is getting a major overhaul and is currently available to those using the beta branch, Steam Client Beta.

The new update to the Steam Desktop app will see some UI changes- the main interface is a lot more flat.

And under the hood, developer Valve has changed how they share code across the three different Steam clients: Steam Desktop, Big Picture Mode and Steam Deck. Expect features to be iterated faster across all three clients in the future.

The in-game overlay gets a lot of changes as well, now with new UI and more customisation options. There’s a toolbar where you can open or pin features like friends chat, achievements, guides, and a browser.

Also, the toolbar also adds a Notes app for you to take manual notes per game. It has rich text formatting so you can go ham with leaving notes to your future self when you get back into a game you’ve stopped playing for a while. Notes can be access outside of the in-game overlay too.

Steam’s new in-game overlay makes it more in line with how the Xbox Game Bar overlay does things, but with its own different feature set.

Also, the new Steam Beta Client also brings changes to the screenshot manager. You can choose between small or large thumbnails and also makes it easier to manage online and local screenshots.

The new refreshed Steam Desktop client is available for those using the Steam Beta Client branch right now.

Source: Steam

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