Latest Humble Bundle Has Great Indie Games At Affordable Price

Humble Bundles are great ways to get PC,Mac and Linux games for a decent price while supporting charity organisations. The latest deal for the week is something you should look into if you’re into indie games.

The Humble Indie Bundle 17 is available for the next two weeks, with some interesting great game choices.

The “pay what you want” tier has local co-op Lethal League that is part Smash Bros., part squash, part super-saiyan hype. The Beginner’s Guide is an interesting experiential game (read: walking sim) that was made by half of the dev team behind the clever walking sim, The Stanley Parable. Galak-Z rounds up the tier, a rouge-like twin shooter with a hard 80’s anime cartoon aesthetic.

Pay more than the average and you’ll get all the above plus Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime– a perfect game for two-player co-op, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the game about a perfectly normal dad doing dad things (and also a game that should rightfully localised here as “Suamiku Encik Sotong”), and Super Time Force Ultra, a twin stick shooter with a cool time rewind mechanic.

Pay more than USD$10 and Nuclear Throne, another twin-stick rougelike will be yours. The list will grow with more games as the days go by and will be available if you purchase it now, as long as you paid enough to reach the tier it is available.

The games are available in a DRM-free variety or in the form of Steam codes, though a $1 (RM4++) is needed in order to get the Steam release.

These are pretty good deals, though it will only receive payment in USD so you will need a credit/debit card or a Paypal account for that.

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