Last-Gen vs Current-Gen Consoles (Black Ops III)

I know you’re wandering around the internet and have at least some quick thoughts that this falling 2015 most people would be playing Black Ops III on a PC, Xbox One or PS4. But remember,there are still a lotta folks out there with last-gen hardware. I think it’s a perfect time to remind ourselves that not all gamers can afford current-gen hardware.

When the latest consoles were still brand new, the differences between games across generations wasn’t that much of a difference ! Apparently, these days.. it amazingly does!

Candyland put together the comparison video below, which shows that not only is the Xbox 360 version missing a lot of the more obvious stuff like fancy lighting that you find on the Xbox One, but that its interiors can be completely different and…armoured vehicles can be replaced by vans.

The real question is, are your eyes ready for the enhancing current-gen graphics? Yes, I’m looking at you consoles players!

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