Labyrinth Of Ragnarok Is A New Idle RPG Based On Ragnarok Online, Pre-Registration Now Open

Looks like the idle RPG is a pretty popular genre on mobile. After Mobile Legends, we now have Ragnarok Online making an idle RPG spin-off for mobile.

Gravity Game Link has announced Labyrinth Of Ragnarok and it’s now open for pre-registration in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

The new idle RPG will have features such as Auto Play, Labyrinth Maze Dungeons, Game Mode with PVP duels and Raid Modes, an Upgrade system, Auction House and also a community platform (guilds).

It sounds like standard stuff, but if you’re a fan of RO, this might be worth your time. You can pre-register your interest (and help unlock free goodies for the community) at this link here.

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