Kriegsfront Tactics To Release Free Opening Chapter This July

Head’s up pilots. Kriegsfront Tactics will have a new demo in the form of Kriegsfront Tactics Prologue. This is the opening chapter to the upcoming mech strategy tactics game, developed by Coffee Talk developers Toge Productions, based in Indonesia.

Kriegsfront Tactics Prologue will set the stage of the game’s setting, an alternate 1970s Southeast Asia where war is erupting but with giant mechs. The pitch for the game’s story is that as you keep fighting these battles, the lines between right and wrong will start to blur. That’s intriguing.

The Prologue will feature the ability to explore the jungle, full voice acting, mech customisation and more stages to fight than the previous demo offered.

The new trailer, debuted during the Guerilla Collective showcase, shows off the mood of Kriegsfront Tactics.

With its orange tinted skies and the back-and-forth between American English and untranslated Indonesian dialogue (the folks of fictional Nusanesia are very, very patriotic, essentially), there is a very specific vibe that this game is emanating. Is that the smell of napalm? And hold on, the locals are the bad guys? The intentionally low-poly graphics look charming though.

The development team are big fans of Front Mission, and if you feel that SRPG/strategy tactics itch, put this game on your radar, and try the Kriegsfront Tactics Prologue when it launches on July 18 on PC (Steam). The game has no release date yet.

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