Konami Will Temporarily Remove MGS 2 And 3 Over Real Life Footage Renewal

Konami has decided to remove both Metal Gear Soild 2 & 3 from all digital storefront temporarily due to the expiration of the stock footage licenses that was apart of the cinematic cutscenes.

For those who don’t know what that mean, it’s this scenes like the one in the ending of MGS2 that needs renewing.

As of today, Konami have remove all versions of the MGS 2 & 3 bundles from the PS3 and Xbox Storefront, along with the 3DS version of MGS 3, PC version of MGS 2 on GOG.com and even the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PlayStation Now and Nvidia Shield, with them promising to reinstate it as soon as possible.

Though one fanbase can hope that this mean a remaster is coming for these two iconic games, perhaps for the current gen consoles, but that is up to the publisher. And we do hope it doesn’t mean the end of shelf life for them.

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