Konami Takes Us Into A Glimpse of eFootball 2024, Coming In September

In a recent media event, representatives from Konami has come down to our shores here in Malaysia to not only oversee the renewal of their long-running partnership with English Premier League giants Manchester United but also give us a nice and sweet glimpse of the next major update for eFootball, aptly titled “eFootball 2024”.

We were shown a quick video montage of what’s to come for the long-running game that includes major changes to the movement and gameplay mechanics, along with little updates to the animation parts, like for example during our playtest, players now take goal-kicks, free-throws and free-kicks instantly with almost zero delay to make the matches flow even better.

And while we cannot go into detail on how the new gameplay works until closer to September, it’s fair to say that the movement side has seen a more life-like feel towards it, flowing into runs a bit better than before.

And this update will also see the Dev team “CONNECT” more by taking in more feedback from the players as they work to make eFootball standout amongst its competition, which might see their Dream Team mode getting more creative with their players, by way of connecting them more with more football stars and even mangakas that may have something to do with the love of the sport.

We were also treated to a friendly celebrity match-up with the likes of local celebs Tunku Rania, esports star Soloz and former Malaysian footballer Safee Sali duke it out in the mobile version of eFootball, which looks quite well even on the big stage.

In any case, the 2024 update for eFootball is set to launch this September for PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems, along with a separate mobile version for iOS and Android.

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