Kingmakers Isn’t Just Bringing A Gun And A Pickup Truck To A Medieval Battle – New Gameplay Trailer Shows A Dirtbike, Tank And Destructible Buildings

Kingmakers went viral over its reveal trailer where knight in armour brings a gun to a swordfight. And then drives a pickup truck. And the battlefield looks to be massive.

A new trailer for Kingmakers, debuted at TinyBuild Connect 2024, showed three things: you can ride on a dirtbike and do drive-bys on those poor medieval knights. You can also drive a tank. And also, there is building destruction.

See a tank levelled out a castle tower with its cannon, and obliterate a house by just driving through it. We are in Red Faction territory now.

And the battlescape still looks ever the more impressive. There’s so many knights on the battlefield it feels like a horde shooter. Though Kingmakers prefers to be referred as an “epic action-strategy sandbox” where you travel back in time to change history and save the future.

How even will this game have multiplayer co-op with all these simulations running? The game will have online co-op up to four players, wild.

Kingmakers is developed by Redemption Road Games, the developer behind the roguelike Road Rash-like bike game Road Redemption. Kingmakers will be published by TinyBuild when it launches on Steam Early Access soon.

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