KeSPA Closes StarCraft Proleague, Multiple StarCraft Teams In Korea Disbanded

It is the end of an era, most people say of this news. The Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) announced that the long-running league for StarCraft II and Brood War will be closing down as of 18 October, after a long 14 seasons. The reasoning here are sponsors losing interest, declining number of ProLeague players, match-fixing shenaningans and the rise of other e-sports in Korea such as League Of Legends.

South Korea has been the one good reason competitive Starcraft was a thing and still a thing until now. Matches were televised, their players dominated the scene to the point that any non-Korean player is called a foreigner, and it paved way to what e-sports are now. Recently, a foreigner managed to win the KeSPA Cup, a Korean tournament that has long been dominated by Koreans. Neeb managed to be the first foreign player to lift the cup- and win a premier event in Korea, but many Korean fans only see this is due to their players under performing, though there are fans that genuinely impressed by his success.

With the closure of the Proleague, it created a cascading effect, as multiple teams including SKT, KT, Samsung, CJ, and MVP have disbanded, with many to follow suit. Competitive Starcraft will have a different landscape following the closure of the Proleague.

Notable League Of Legends and now Overwatch caster Montechristo opined this could be associated with Overwatch. The game has been pretty popular and its e-sports scene is just starting. Korea just got a taste of Overwatch e-sports with the OGN Overwatch APEX. Though it is likely many other games are now vying for attention, and StarCraft has lost its shine a bit.

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