Jalopy-Like Road To Guangdong Gets A Nintendo Switch Release In Asia

Publishers Leoful has announced that it’s bringing in first-person car driving simulator Road To Guangdong to Nintendo Switch for Asian markets.

Road To Guangdong will have you road tripping across 90’s China with a coming-of-age story written by Yen Ooi. You play as Sunny who just inherited the family restaurant, though it’s in dire states.

You, along with your aunt Guu Ma, take a trip in the car visiting relatives, all while trying to keep tabs on the car that requires careful care and checkups.

It’s like Jalopy, but from a different developer and a different backdrop and story.

Road To Guangdong will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on August 7 for Asia, which includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. Physical release includes the Sandy Manual and 2 Recipe Cards. It will be priced at $29 USD or the regional equivalent (around RM123+ for Malaysia).

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