Ittle Dew 2+ Now Available On Nintendo Switch In Asia

Ittle Dew 2+ is now available on the Nintendo Switch in Asia, featuring support for Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese on top of the base English language.

The updated sequel to Ittle Dew is a 3D action-adventure game. With puzzles to solves, dungeons to explore (in any order you want outside the last one) and bosses to fight. It’s not quite Legend of Zelda, but hey, it’ll do.

The story follows the adventures of Ittle Dew and Tippsie right after the first game, only for them to arrive on another island. And the only way to rebuild the raft is to go collect the eight pieces of a raft conveniently hidden at the end of each dungeon.

The game not only has a distinct artstyle, it also has a sense of humour too.

Developed by the indie team at Ludosity, Leoful is handling the publishing duties for this release in Asia.

“We’re happy to announce that Ittle Dew 2+ is now available in Japanese and Chinese for the first time,” said Ludosity CEO Joel Nyström. “We’re excited to bring our quirky adventure game to new markets and hope fans of the original Ittle Dew will enjoy the sequel with more dungeons, secrets and humorous story than ever before!”

Ittle Dew 2+ is priced at JPY 2,500 and HKD 165 on Nintendo eShop Japan and Hong Kong respectively.

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