It’s Morphing Time! Final Fantasy XV’s Next DLC Adds Invincible Suits

At the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event, a few announcements of Final Fantasy XV related content was made. Here is our first look at what the second DLC, the Booster Pack contains.

These Magitek Exosuits are mentioned to make Noctis and the boys invincible for a limited time, a power-up if you will. This was the only thing mentioned about the Booster Pack, which will have a free version similar to the Holiday Pack. Hopefully there’s other items included that will be revealed at a later date. But please have a transformation animation, those suits makes the boys in black look like a Power Rangers/Super Sentai ensemble.

The Booster Pack is set to release on February 21.

In other news, we have a date for the first substantial DLC: Episode Gladio. This story will include Gladio and good old Cor The Immortal in a side adventure that involves seeing Gilgamesh as an enemy. Episode Gladio is set to release on March 28.

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