IO Interactive Still Owns The Freedom Fighters IP

IO Interactive may be famous for their Hitman series, but they also dabbled with other IPs as well. But after going independent, we only know that the Danish studio only managed to get Hitman.

But the interview by has revealed that IO Interactive retain the IP rights for Hitman as well as its first non-Hitman game, the squad-based third-person shooter Freedom Fighters.

Freedom Fighters was published by EA, revolving an alternate history where Russia invades the United States. You then get thrown into the resistance and build up your squad of freedom fighters to take back the streets of New York City.

It’s an interesting title that was received well back in the days, but right now IO is solely focused on Hitman.

IO has done third-person shooters with the Kane & Lynch series, which is still owned by Square Enix together with Mini Ninjas. But a more modern take of the third-person shooter could still work, so long as it can be better than the Homefront series which share a similar theme.

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