Introducing The FV Amateur Cup Qualifiers 2017: Street Fighter V League For Everyone But The Pros

Street Fighter V is e-sports now, and if you’re looking for a way into the competitive scene, or seek out worthy rivals to test your mettle, look no further than the Flash Vision (FV) Amateur Cup. This newly established league is designed to attract to new players into local Street Fighter V tournaments, with several tournaments (qualifiers) hosted all over KL, along with several online tournaments as well.

Don’t be afraid of getting bodied and lose against top players though- all pro players with sponsorships are banned. So if you haven’t gone out to tournaments yet, this is the place to start.

Top 8 finishes for each qualifier event will net points for the ranking board. The final top 8 on the rankings will be qualified for the FV Amateur Cup Grand Finals, held in conjunction with FV Cup. Point distribution is as follows:

1st: 10 points
2nd: 8 points
3rd: 6 points
4th: 4 points
5th: 3 points
7th: 2 points

(Due to double eliminations format of each, two players will share 5th and 7th places)

And it’s not only just for fun and laughs (and points) either. Each top 3 placers of the 12 qualifiers that will be held in the league will walk home with prizes, which are:

Champion: Medal, Armaggeddon Gaming headphones
Runner-up: Medal, Alcatroz Gaming mouse
3rd Place: Medal, Alcatroz Gaming mouse

And most importantly, here are the dates and venues of each event in the FV Amateur Cup Qualifiers 2017:

January 15: Geek Empire
February 19: Gamesbond Kota Damansara
March 19: Geek Empire
March 31: Online 1
April 16: Gamesbond Cheras
April 28: Online 2
May 21: Geek Empire
June 18: Gamesbond Kota Damansara
June 24: Online 3
July 23: Geek Empire
August 20: Gamesbond Cheras
August 26: Online 4

Registration fees for qualifiers are RM20 per event.

This is a concentrated effort by the Malaysian Fighting Game Community (FGC) to attract more new players into the fray. And it’s a serious push as well. Shoutouts to ViewSonic, Armageddon and AK Racing that will be sponsoring the whole league of tournaments and having faith with supporting the growing community. With a strong community that keeps on pushing to grow further and the support of more brands, we could see a lively and strong competitive scene here for SFV in 2017.

Stay tuned for more coverage as the FV Amateur Cup 2016 unfolds.

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