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Interview With Porsche Discusses Partnership With Assetto Corsa, Future Plans For Racing Games And e-Sports


Porsche has been gearing up to be more involved with video games now that their 17 year exclusivity deal with EA is ending. One of the first steps of collaboration with other game studios is doing it with Kunos Simulazioni, the simulation software maker turned video game developer with its sim racer Assetto Corsa.

In the very event Porsche’s Branded Entertainment Manager Sebastian Hornung was quoted on the end of the exclusivity deal with EA, Gamereactor Spain got an interview with him to talk about the collaboration, how involved both sides were to make Porsche cars available in the game, and future plans for the German maker. They are also open to the idea of e-sports it seems.

Check it out below:

Things are looking pretty nice for racing fans the world over with this sort of news. While racing games e-sports have yet to be mainstream, or widely covered as the big guns like Dota, LoL or CS:GO, yet they are getting there.

Like how the fighting game community managed to carve its niche from a close knit community, motorsports as e-sports will get the spotlight with their own unique strengths, that is the support of big car manufacturers and racing associations, and the skill level competitive players that can go toe-to-toe with professional drivers on simulations.