Inside the Life of a Gaming Youtuber: CallMeMok

Since the emergence of Pewdiepie as not just a multi-million dollar Youtuber, but also the most subscribed creator on Youtube to-date, many others have been inspired to begin in his footsteps.

These gamers, or gaming Youtubers, create gaming video content for viewers to enjoy. These can range from video reactions upon playing particular games, gameplay highlights, funny clips, and more.

In Fundeavour, over 250 gamers already possess Youtube accounts, but we believe there are many more out there waiting to be discovered.

In order to find out how being a Youtuber is really like, we spoke to one such gamer this week! Hafiz, or better known as CallMeMok, is a gaming Youtuber from Malaysia and sometimes does products / indie game reviews. His content can be found at , or on Facebook @ CallMeMok.

10411722_399937140186618_6302393655671903205_n photo

CallMeMok in real life (left), and as he’s portrayed on his Youtube avatar (right)

CallMeMok started his gaming adventures at the young age of 10, after seeing his neighbours play on their PlayStation One. As he didn’t have any toys because his father was very strict, he would go over to his neighbour’s house every day to help him play video games, and to translate them from English so his friend would know what to do next. Ever since then, his love for video games grew stronger and stronger – and when he went to high school, he would be in cyber cafes after school to play games like Ragnarok Online and RYL.

Just like many Youtubers out there, CallMeMok’s dream is to have more people notice his Youtube channel – specifically Malaysians. “I love to see people comment on my videos,” he says, adding that most of the time, they would give him tips and advice on the game that he was playing, which made it fun for him.

CallMeMok testing out a piece of Samsung VR Gear recently.


However, many other Youtubers, especially ones whose names do not begin with a Pew and end with Pie, and new gamers starting out would usually only create gaming content on the side, alongside “real life” activities like a full time job or school. CallMeMok agrees, saying, “For the time being it may not be suitable (to have gaming as a career) because of my daily work.” He adds laughingly, “Plus, I play video games to have fun and release tension. If I do it for money, I may become even more stressed!”

As for the challenges faced by a Youtuber, CallMeMok notes that gaming gear such as a good quality Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) does not come cheap, and this prevents him from playing new games if his PC does not support the high graphics requirements.

“I would like more gaming brands to support more Malaysian gamers, for example like Razer and Logitech, or more local products like WarWolf and Sades.” – CallMeMok

“I would like more gaming brands to support more Malaysian gamers, for example like Razer and Logitech, or more local products like WarWolf and Sades,” he reveals. “They can support us by giving us products to review as Youtubers, which helps with giving their product more exposure while we get to receive awesome new products that will help us!”

The win-win situation does not end there; he also thinks that having brand support may help change the current mindset that gaming is a waste of time, and is pretty thankful that many big brands have already started taking eSports seriously.

CMM TwtUpGamers
CallMeMok (second from left) with members of TwtUpGamers, a local gamer community gathering held recently.


What’s more – it even looks like this opinion may be universal. In an ongoing survey conducted by Fundeavour, almost 100% of gamers who responded said that they would feel more positively about a brand that is involved in eSports or sponsoring gamers.

Brands, perhaps it’s time to sit up and take note.


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