InFamous: Second Son And InFamous: First Light Receive Update For HDR And 4K Support

Just ahead of the release of the PS4 Pro, developers Sucker Punch released an update for InFamous: Second Son and its standalone DLC InFamous: First Light with HDR and 4K support. These two features are the major selling point for the PS4 Pro (as well as any 4K TV) though HDR is now supported in all PS4 models, assuming your TV can output HDR.

Interestingly, it comes in two different files, totalling up to 5 GBs of download. Since normal PS4s won’t make use of the 4K, does that mean it could be skipped? Probably not, as the standard practice so far is to limit online interaction if you are playing a game with some missing update files, but we will need to test it out ourselves for sure.

But for those looking forward to pick up a PS4 Pro, add these two games in your “PS4 Pro Supported” library. If you already owned the superpowered open-world romps, then consider this a bonus and an incentive to revisit some of the best games available back when the PS4 first launched.

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